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LeAnnette Presciti resides in Englewood Florida and has been painting for over 28 years.

Her God gifted talent has allowed her to create amazing works of art throughout the United States in both homes and businesses.

 LeAnnette  has invested years of education, experimentation and problem solving into a vibrant and accomplished art business. Growing with the trends in decoration, her talent provides warmth, depth and movement unmatched by other paint or wallpaper applications. Her open-ended manner of working provides a mixture of control and freedom that is essential to our work.

LeAnnette started her artistic trade working with both her mother and brother, who helped instruct and inspire her.

As an expression of thanks to her Mom,  she is dedicating this site to her!


"It is true that my partner in crime is my mother and we have been painting together.....well since I could.  She taught me so much about color theory, products for refinishing Anything and Everything, and work ethics without even realizing how much   xxxx   .  We grew up this way and it was our lifestyle to tackle any project. The craziest thing was......she made us feel like we were playing not working.  I love my work to this day because of her."
"After relocating from Montana, doors really opened for us.  My mom Barbara Jean, who earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from MSU Montana,  was working with artist Sue Appleton, of Walls of Art, when I came aboard.  We discovered this world of decorative painting, grew as a team, and had more fun than ever!  Of course, we had our growing pains, but in the end it turned our passion into a viable business!"
"Though retired, she still motivates me to keep up to date on product and trends in decoration.  I should say semi-retired because there are many times I need drawings, samples and bid solutions to get me caught up.  She keeps me organized which in turn makes me more productive.  I am very lucky to have her and her knowledge. 
Thank you Mom for everything!"

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